About us


Devoted to improving facilities and welfare of Kidney Patients under the care of the renal Unit of St Helier Hospital.

Aims and Objectives of the KPA

The emphasis is on patient welfare.If it can be provided, SHSKPA will try to do so.

To provide assistance to patients of the Renal unit requiring facilities for dialysis, while away from their local haemodialysis centre.

To provide some assistance to help patients of the Renal Unit who are in genuine need.

To provide additional amenities and equipment for the benefit of patients staying in the renal unit of St Helier Hospital. Recent examples include Refurbishment of Beacon Ward, Refurbishment of the Renal Reception Area, Refurbishment of the Jubilee Room, Refurbishment of Secombe Day Room, Furniture, TV and DVD for P.D. Ward, TV’s for Buttercup Ward, TV’s for Mayday and Kingston Satellite Units, Renal Overlay Pads.

Benefits for Members

Some social events are organised by the committee. Informal buffet lunches are held twice a year for patients and staff.

Patient Line Card : to the value of £5.00 for those who stay as in-patients for more than a week.

KPA Holiday Home

The KPA committee has sadly decided to shut down the Holiday Home as it was no longer viable to keep it running.

Travel Benefits

A petrol allowance is paid to patients who are members of SHSKPA who make frequent journeys to their unit for treatment, subject to certain conditions.

Amenity fund

The amenity fund is available to patients in genuine need.

Holiday Allowances

For patients on haemodialysis holidaying in the UK, the KPA will pay some of the difference between the contribution made by the Renal Unit and the actual charge for a maximum of two weeks. For patients on haemodialysis holidaying abroad, the KPA will pay an allowance for up to two weeks to assist with haemodialysis expenses. N.B. These allowances are NOT paid for patients on haemodialysis who are using the KPA Holiday Home as this is already very heavily subsidised.

Transplant Games

SHSKPA sponsors the St Helier Transplant Games Team.

National Kidney Federation

SHSKPA is affiliated to the National Kidney Federation and members receive “Kidney Life”, a quarterly magazine/newsletter from the federation. This publication keeps members informed of current trends in the treatment and facilities available to kidney patients.


The SHSKPA Committee meets monthly. Individual Committee members take responsibility for an area of SHSKPA business though all members help each other when necessary. All committee members are unpaid volunteers.

The servery: This Is run entirely by volunteers and all profits are used for the benefit of the patients. Help is always wanted; just speak to one of our volunteers.

General Meetings

are held occasionally when members can hear talks about current trends in treatment and patient care. These talks are usually given by senior members of staff at the renal unit.

The Annual General Meeting is held in October / November of each year.

Financial support

SHSKPA depends on money raised through donations, covenants, legacies and fundraising events.

The main fund-raising events are the KPA Christmas draw, can rattleing at various stores in the locality of the Hospital, selling Christmas cards and occasionally, running stalls at the local carnivals.

The SHSKPA Suggestion Box is situated in the waiting room. All members of SHSKPA are welcome to make suggestions as to how to improve the facilities available for patients. Alternatively, please email webmaster@shskpa.org.

We are pleased when members make use of the suggestion box and email facilities.

Hon.SHSKPA Secretary Renality Newsletter Editor
Mrs.Pat Harris Anita Abena-Amoako
Email. patricia.mike@virgin.net Email. anita8682@hotmail.com
Tel. 01737 352154